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Hosting A Course

Reasons to Select Learning and Training Center

  • Owned by an experienced educator as well as therapist who is strongly committed to assuring that course participants learn critical problem solving skills and effective intervention strategies that can be immediately applied to the clinic
  • Courses are taught by highly experienced and reputed faculty members who are leaders in their fields
  • LTC rarely cancels scheduled course

Benefits of Hosting a Course

  • Free publicity of your facility as we send brochures to all licensed therapists in your state
  • Free registrations (2-3 depending on the number of participants) for staff members
  • Discounted group registration fees for interested staff members
  • Provide education with most effective clinical strategies and promote advancement of clinical reasoning
  • Discounted group registration fees for interested staff members
  • After completion of course, staff that can return to the clinic with substantial knowledge and enhanced clinical skills

Requirements of the host facility

  • Sign a contract provided by Learning and Training Center (LTC)
  • Provide lecture room (50-70 people) and/or Laboratory meeting room (40-50 people)
  • Supply chairs, tables, continental breakfast, coffee, tea (no lunch)
  • Furnish audiovisual equipment as needed or inform LTC of any AV equipment needed to be brought by speaker
  • Provide 1-2 onsite coordinators to assist instructor on the day of the course

Requirements of Learning and Training Center

  • Present an exceptional continuing education course that is clinically relevant through our nationally and internationally well-know speakers
  • Direct and Handle of all advertising for the course
  • Manage registrations, provide course manuals, pre-test, post-test, course evaluations, and course completion certificates to all registrants
  • Coordinate all travel and accommodations for instructors

If you like more information about hosting a course at your facility, please call or e-mail our conference coordinator:

Sarbani Ghosh
Conference Coordinator
Phone: (636) 536-0272
Fax: (636) 536-6852 (Fax)

Or, you can Contact Us Online

Meet Our Faculty


I am excited that I will take back new ideas to the clinic and use right away with my patients.
- Samantha B. (PT from Illinois)
Instructor is very knowledgeable. Dr. Ghosh explained complicated topic with ease and simplicity.
- Oliver P. (OT from Kentucy)


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